BEP Academic Staffs


Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohammad Shahril Bin Osman


Academic Staffs
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Samat bin Iderus
Position: Head Of Programme and Lecturer
Extension:  504
Email:  samat.iderus
Qualifications:  M.Eng Electrical Engineering (UTHM), B.Eng Electrical Engineering (UTHM)

Dr Ramli Bin Rashidi KMN, PBS

Position:  Associate Professor
Extension:   537
Email:  ramli.rashidi
Qualifications:  PhD. in Technical & Vocational Edu.(Germany), PhD. in Technical & Vocational Edu. (UTHM), M. Sc in Human Resource Development (UPM), B. Eng. in Electrical & Electronic (Brighton, UK), Adv. Dip. Skill Malaysia

Ts Dr Thomas Moh Shan Yau

Position:  Associate Professor
Extension:   479
Email:  t.s.y.moh
Qualifications:  PhD in Electrical & Electronic Eng.(TU Delft), M.Sc in Biophotonics (ENS Cachan), M.Eng in Mechatronics and Automation Control (UTM), B.Eng Electrical (UTM)

Ir Dr Abdul Razak Bin Yaacob

Position:   Associate Professor
Extension:  533
Email:  a.razak
Qualifications:  Doctor of Eng. (Business Eng. Management) (UTM), Master in Business Administration (UKM), M.Eng in Communication Eng. (Japan), B. Sc in Electrical & Electronic Eng. (Loughborough, UK)

Dr Geno Peter

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:   566
Email:  drgeno.peter
Qualifications:  PhD Electrical Engineering, Anna University, India, Master of Engineering in Power Electronics and Drives, Karunya University, India, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Bharathiar University, India

Dr Yong Ching Yee

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:   554
Email:  ching.yee
Qualifications:  PhD Electrical Engineering of UTM, B.Eng. Electrical Medical Electronics

Tonny Ling Heng Yew

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:  565
Email:  tonnyling
Qualifications:  MSc (Eng.) Intelligence Engineering (Liverpool), B. Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Liverpool), Graduate Engineer [Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) and The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)]

Kee Keh Kim

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:  435
Email:  kkkee
Qualifications:  C. Eng (UK) , MSc in Electronics (Communication system), Diploma in Technology (Electronic Engineering) (TARC)

Tiong Tung Chuan

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:  532
Email:  tiongtungchuan
Qualifications:  MSc.Electronics (Queens Uni. Belfast), Technology (TARC), Dip. Technology, Electronic Engineering (TARC)

Jong Chian Haur

Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  502
Email:  chian.haur
Qualifications:  M.Sc in Electronics Engineering (UNIMAS), B.Sc in Electronics & Computer Eng (UNIMAS)

Nor Asrina Binti Ramlee

Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  552
Email:  asrina
Qualifications:  M.Eng in Electrical Eng. (UTHM), B.Eng in Electrical Eng.(Telecommunication) (UTM)

Wong Ling Ai

Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  415
Qualifications:  M.Sc in Electrical Engineering (UKM) , (B.Eng) in Electrical & Electronic Eng. (UKM)

Ir. Dr. Prashobh Kumar Karunakaran

Position: Senior Lecturer
Extension: 406
Email: prashobh
Qualifications: PhD. in Manufacturing Engineering (Automation) at UNIMAS, BSc. in Electrical Engineering at SDSU (SD, USA), MSc. Economic at SDSU (SD, USA) 

Ir Wong Chee Swee

Position:  Senior Lecturer
Extension:  528
Email:  wongcheeswee
Qualifications:  MSc Structural (Leeds), B. Eng in Civil Eng. (Leeds)

Abdul Ismail Abdul Rani

Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  572 
Email:  abdulismail
Qualifications:   M.Eng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (UMS), B.Sc in Physics with Electronics (UMS)

Technician Staffs

Mohamad Drahim bin Bujang

Position:  Lab Technician
Extension:   358
Email:  rahim
Qualifications:  Diploma In Electronic Engineering, Politeknik Mukah Sarawak

Matteus Sabang Anak Kisong

Position: Assistant Lab Technologies
Extension:   358
Email: matteus
Qualification: Sijil Kejuruteraan Elektrik (Domestik & Industri), IKM Kuching

Hasfiza Binti Mohd Ikhwan

Position: Assistant Lab Technologies
Extension:   396
Email:  hasfiza
Qualification:  Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Politeknik Kota Kinabalu

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