BFT Programme Learning Outcomes

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOS)

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able:

1.    Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and food science technology fundamentals.

2.    Conduct experimental investigations of broadly defined problems using data from relevant sources.

3.    Apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern tools for new food development.

4.    Solve broadly defined food technology problems using analytical tools appropriate to area of specialization.

5.    Develop solutions for broadly defined problems and contribute to the design of systems, components or processes related to food technology for sustainable development.

6.    Communicate effectively with the food technology community and society.

7.    Demonstrate awareness of the societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities and norms of food technology practice.

8.    Function effectively as an individual, and as a member and/or leader in diverse technical teams.

9.    Comply with professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of food technology practice.

10. Identify basics and opportunities in entrepreneurship related to food technology practice.

11. Recognize the impact of food technology solutions in a societal context for sustainable development.

12. Recognize the requirements for the need of professional development in independent and lifelong learning.

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