Research Grants List

Cycle 3 2019

  1. Syazie Nordzaima Ali Mohamad : Effectiveness of Local Agriculture and Industrial Wastes as Partial Cement Replacement in Sibu Peat Stabilization
  2. Dr Yong Ching Yee : Wireless Power Transfer Charging Plate

Cycle 4 2019

1. Ir Dr Prashobh kumar karunakaran : Development of Micro Hydro Generator at rural area Sarawak

2. Dr Augustine Chioma Affam : Decision Support Systems Development for Water Monitoring for Peat Soil Management

3. Dr Augustine Chioma Affam : Constructed Wetland System for Peat Soil Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Analysis

4. Abdul Ismail Abdul Rani : Investigation of organic – inorganic (PTAA/ nSIGe) hetero-interface barrier effect on optoelectric properties

5. Capt (Rtd)Dr Othman Bin Inayatullah :  An Investigation of the Capability of the Stress Wave Statistical Analysis (SWSA) in Monitoring the Viscosity of Mineral based Lubricant 

6. Dr Augustine Chioma Affam : Enhanced Sibu Peat by Monovalent, Divalent and Trivalent Cationic Reagent Grout Methods with Biochar Addition for Wetland Soil Development 

7. Dr Lee man Djun : Design and Prototyping of a Small Scaled Oscillating Water Column (OWC) for Energy Harvesting in Sarawak 

8. Dr Lee Man Djun : Design and Development of a Small Scaled Hydropower System Driven by Wave Energy 

9. Dr Mastura Binti Bujang : Utilization of Silica Waste for Peat Soil Stabilization

10. Mr Kee Keh Kim : Predictive Modeling of CO2 Emission based on Electricity Consumption

Cycle 1 2020

1. Dr Lee Man Djun : Design and Development of a Small-Scale Filament Winding Machine

2. Samat Bin Iderus : Temperature Test on Medium Voltage Switchgear Assembly based on IEC Standard

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